To talk about the Whatcom Falls neighborhood, you need to start by talking about Whatcom Falls Park. And this is not your average park! It is actually an incredibly beautiful 241 acre park, with extensive trail systems, ponds, and of course the falls. The 4 different sites to see the Falls up close are all equally beautiful. This is the type of place that in most parts of the state you would drive into and hike miles to see…whereas this park is literally a 4-minute drive east of downtown Bellingham.

Bordering Whatcom Falls to the south is Galbraith Mountain (officially listed as Lookout Mountain but known as Galbraith Mountain). Galbraith is 90+ acres with truly world class mountain biking trails that attract cyclists from all over. There is indeed a large segment of the Whatcom Falls neighborhood that lives here to be near Galbraith!

As a neighborhood, the area is primarily residential, except for a popular donut shop (La Feen’s) and sandwich shop (DaVinci’s) both located on Electric street just across from one of the park entrances. The single-family homes are primarily built in the 1950s-1970s. But there is a mix of some older craftsman homes, and then other sections of the neighborhood still being developed. The newest development being Hannah Creek, which literally backs to Galbraith Mountain.

So the theme of this neighborhood is it is truly an area for the outdoor enthusiast. If you love biking and/or walking running trails, This neighborhood puts you at the doorstep of two incredible trail systems. You could say Whatcom Falls is more ideal for walking and quick bike rides. Galbraith is more the true mountain biking destination.

Yet even without these parks, this is also a quiet neighborhood that is primarily owner-occupied, with mature landscaping and many streets offering oversized lots. And just a 3-minute drive to Whole Foods and Fred Meyer, and convenient access to downtown and I-5.

Best Neighborhood Features:

-Walk/biking proximity to Whatcom Falls Park and Galbraith Mountain.

-Short drive or bike to Whole Foods, Fred Meyer, downtown.

Possible Negatives:

-Da Vinci’s and La Feens are the only stores that are within a short walking distance.

-Newer developments here like Hannah Creek are more expensive (dollar per square foot) relative to some similar developments that are not as close to Galbraith mountain.  So if using the parks and trails is not important to you, you may find better values in other locations in Bellingham.


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