At Bellingham Real Estate Stories, we are featuring not just the neighborhoods of Bellingham, but the communities that surround Bellingham. Part of what makes Bellingham so attractive is access to surrounding amenities, one of those being Mt. Baker. And the nearest community to Mt. Baker is Glacier.

Glacier was founded gold mine and logging town, but being 20 miles from the summit of Mt Baker ski resort, it has now developed into a town that is primarily 2nd homes (ski cabins) and vacation rentals. Mt. Baker sees record levels of snow every year, and also offers the best value on ski tickets and season passes in the Pacific Northwest. It is known for world-class backcountry skiing, snowboarding, and snowshoeing. And Mt Baker (and Glacier) are popular for hikers and bikers in the summertime with incredible trail systems.

The town itself has a few great restaurants and ski shops.  The most popular restaurant being Chair 9. For more amenities for a local full-time residence, the town of Maple Falls is just a 10-minute drive west as well.

While there are many homes on acreage, the 3 primary neighborhoods most popular for 2nd homes and vacation rentals are Glacier Springs, Snowline, and Glacier Rim. And each neighborhood has its benefits.

Glacier Springs has no gate or amenities. But that means, low dues and less restrictions. Glacier Springs also has the benefit in their covenants of allowing you to vacation rental home right away. Whereas Snowline and Mt. Baker Rim has a 1-year restriction before you are allowed to rent your home out as a VRBO. Glacier Springs also on average is a little lower per square foot for a home, so more bang for the buck on the home. This community also has award-winning water! Dues in Glacier Springs are $180 per year.

Snowline is a gated community loaded with amenities. This includes the gate and security, a swimming pool, a clubhouse, playground, tennis courts a fishing pond and more. This is a very family-friendly community with multiple summer events. Snowline is also within walking distance to Chair 9 restaurant, and a few miles closer to the summit as well (compared to Glacier Springs).  HOA dues to cover costs of amenities are currently in 2020 $780 per year.

Mt. Baker Rim is another gated community with amenities that include a swimming pool, clubhouse, trails, and tennis courts. One standout feature of Mt. Baker Rim is access to river frontage as well. Mt. Baker Rim does have a 1-year restriction on using your home as a VRBO after purchase. Annual dues in Glacier Rim are $700 per year.

Both Mt. Baker Rim and Snowline offer similar dollars per square foot costs and demand. Home prices can vary also because of different construction methods used. Many homes are standard stick-built, but then you also find many chalet style homes and log homes with varying degrees of quality and craftsmanship. Many, if not most homes also sell furnished in Glacier.

There is also two condominium complexes.

Snowline Inn and Snowater condos

Snowline Inn is next to Chair Nine. This a converted condo complex that is fairly standard with no note-able amenities, but affordable price points and lower dues.

SnoWater is the more popular and larger condo complex. This condo HOA offers two clubhouses, two pools, workout rooms, an adult building, kids outside play area and trails. They also offer full-time management and are gated. The amenities, improvements happening, and full-time management all adds up to dues in the $500- $600 range.

Here is a note from one of our Glacier experts, Marty Kutchbach.

Glacier In the 16+ years now that I have worked in Glacier the change is unreal. About 2004 Glacier was “discovered”. It went from a mostly Canadian owned weekend resort to new owners from all over the world with many full-time residents. It has now been almost all built up. At this time demand is outpacing the properties for sale. Although it was mostly weekenders more and more full-time people are owning there. This started to change when cable internet became available. I am sure the old-time loggers and miners are wondering what it is all about :-).

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