Located halfway between downtown Bellingham and the Fairhaven district and right below the South Hill neighborhood is Boulevard Park. This is the most popular waterfront park in Bellingham and for good reason. Boulevard offers a lot! From a large grass area to toss around a football or frisbee, to a rocky beach to skip rocks, to a large pirate-themed playground, to a boardwalk…this is a place you can spend a lot of time. This is also a popular spot to come down and watch the sunset.
Another feature that makes this park unique is having Woods Coffee. Being able to hang out on the outside patio for a coffee and pastry is a wonderful way to spend a weekend morning.

The bridge at Boulevard connects you to walking paths that head right into the Fairhaven district. So many locals will start in Fairhaven and then work their way into Boulevard Park and back.

Here is some pictures from John L Scott Real Estate Broker Keith Zackel from a visit he had this week.