This last Saturday we realized a simple thing…we were out of Olive Oil. That is something you can order on click cart at Fred Meyer or pick up at Costco, but my wife had a great idea–why not head down to Drizzle in Fairhaven instead. We ended walking around mid-day with a surprisingly large crowd (considering the Covid times we are in). We started out stopping at Village books for a book for our 9 year old and got coffee there. Village Books is one of the staples in Fairhaven and there is something also fun about taking your kid into a book store when we are doing more and more Kindle these days. I also forgot how much I love browsing a book store!
We followed by cheese and oil tasting at the Drizzle. The staff at Drizzle is awesome and we always end up with a couple of new flavors to try out. This is such a cool place and if you are looking to add a twist to your salads, pastas– you name it, a visit to the Drizzle is in order. We then headed to Fat Pie for pizza for lunch, followed by another 20 minutes just walking around.

Walking around Fairhaven even as a local, you realize how many amazing shops and restaurants there really is. There is many staples, but enough turn over here and there that something new always seems to be popping up. The energy is great… as it feels safe, kid-friendly and the beautiful architecture of the buildings always adds a little bit of extra appreciation to your time walking around. It’s absolutely a fantastic way to spend a Saturday.
-Paul Balzotti