Barkley Village is currently building another apartment complex…and while the number of residents that call Barkley home has been growing, the Village is truly known first as an exceptional place to do business. It’s certainly not hard to see why when you drive in. High-quality office buildings with a brick facade, well-maintained sidewalks and common areas, and a clean and safe environment to do business.

Our office – John L Scott Real Estate Bellingham was one of the first tenants in Barkley Village 21 years ago, and we are fortunate to be located in the most iconic location in the development. Located directly under the clock tower and on the most vibrant street in the village. We are within a few steps of Starbucks, the Haggen grocery store, Mod Pizza, Jalapenos Mexican restaurant, Bob’s Burgers, Overflow taps, and the Blue Abode Bar. Being able to grab coffee, lunch or a drink with a co-worker or client within a few steps is truly awesome.

Additionally our office sides to a common area gazebo and fountain, which is a nice place to hang out on a sunny day, and also home to center point for many local community events. Our street (pre and post-Covid) is regularly blocked off on spring and summer weekends for charitable events, including 3 events that we co-sponsor. This includes the Barkley Wine Walk (supporting DVSAS), the Hannah Dashiell Memorial Block Party and the Barkley Spirit Walk (supporting Brigadoon Dog Services). There are also several 5k events to benefit a myriad of charities, that all start right outside our office.

Until recently, downtown Bellingham and the Fairhaven district hosted almost all of the community events. The addition of so many events to Barkley Village in recent years really has created more of a community feel to all of us that live or work in or around the Barkley Village area. Yes, it’s definitely still more of a suburban business district…but these events bring in people from all over Bellingham and Whatcom County. And local Barkley tenants and residents love where they work and live.

So for these reasons and many more, at John L Scott Bellingham, working out of Barkley Village is more than just an office space for us. We get to be at the center of a fantastic Urban Village. And more importantly, we get to serve and participate actively in the community from right out our front door.

Below, the Hannah Dashiell Foundation Memorial event summer of 2019. 

Barkley event