Our brokers voted for their favorite coffee shops in Bellingham, and these are the results.

One important note; Our Real Estate office is located in Barkley Village, so there is a Barkley Village bias that certainly factored into our favorites. In fact on Instagram, we took some heat for leaving off some fantastic shops like Tony’s and Cafe Blue, which are both worth checking out in the Fairhaven district.

5. Woods Coffee (Barkley Village/Lakeway drive/Boulevard)

  • Woods coffee Barkley
  • Woods Coffee Boulevard Park

Woods is a coffee shop and bakery that now has 19 locations, including 6 in the greater Seattle area. But Woods is based out of Bellingham, and the beans are even roasted right out of their Lakeway location at 813 Lakeway drive Bellingham. The most popular locations in Bellingham are the Lakeway drive shop and the Boulevard Park Woods -which features stunning views of the bay. But our office picked the Barkley Village location, as this is where we spend the most time! The Barkley location is a newer building that has fantastic indoor and outdoor seating, located across from the Barkley Village movie theatre.

What makes it special

I love the Woods Snow Cap. It’s a delicious treat on a cool morning.

Cherisa Hoekema, Broker

My favorite coffee shop is Woods in Boulevard Park. Their Iced Blueberry White Tea is so refreshing! On a sunny day, I love to play chess with a friend on the patio and then walk the South Bay Trail to Taylor Dock.

Nicole Tingvall, Broker

I love the Woods Coffee shop at Boulevard Park. We got to tour there with our Boy Scouts and it’s such a beautiful place to get a cup, a treat, and walk around the beautiful sites of Whatcom County!

Heather Stevenson, Broker

4. Caffe’ Adagio (1435 Railroad Ave Bellingham)

This coffee shop & deli is located in downtown Bellingham, and it is quintessential Bellingham. What makes this place really stand out is the live jazz music that is offered. The deli includes soups & salads and this makes for a nice lunch spot as well. This is a very unpretentious shop where you will want to grab a book, relax and enjoy the scene.

What makes it special

Adagio has amazing coffee and good soups!

Molly McCormack, Broker

Adagio has incredible pastries and coffee, love the downtown location and that is been a Bellingham staple for so many years!!

Kate Fadden, Broker
  • Starbucks Barkley Village Bellingham
  • Inside Starbucks Barkley Village

Let’s start with the location! This happens to sit across from our real estate office (John L Scott Real Estate), and so the convenience factor for us gives this shop high marks. But this Starbucks also has a real community feel for everyone who works or lives near Barkley Village. For all of us that work in Barkley, you are sure to run into a friend or associate, and the staff is always top-notch. And Starbucks got the top for a reason too! The drink selection beats out most of the competition, including an excellent nitro cold brew, and let’s not forget this is the company that made the Pumpkin Spice Latte famous.  If you do pay this Starbucks a visit, we do hope you step across the street and say :-).

Located in the center of downtown, this coffee shop and restaurant may be the most aesthetically pleasing, with a warm yet modern design both inside and out. This is perhaps the most pricey coffee shop in town, but they do everything here at a high level, with coffee that is known for it’s sweet and balanced taste. This is also a great breakfast location, and they even include vegetarian options.

1. Makeworth Market (downtown Bellingham)

Voted #1 by our brokers at John L Scott Real Estate Bellingham

Located in downtown Bellingham, this is a spacious and trendy coffee shop and cafe that has wonderful and unique food and drink options  What is captivating here is the pure space. With 2 levels of windows, the natural light is wonderful.  The coffee & pastries both have high marks, and then what says this cafe apart is the space. Not only is it spacious, but the tables have good space between them. So you can feel comfortable showing up with a group of friends, or to hang by yourself for hours.

What makes it special

I love the natural light and views back out towards downtown.

(She also noted the food and drinks are top-notch!)

Kate Fadden, Broker

What is your favorite coffee shop in Bellingham? Let us know in the comments below.

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