With Columbia neighborhood our focus this week, we interviewed our own John L Scott Real Estate Broker Peter Roberts, who has been a neighborhood resident and president of Bellingham’s Eldridge Society for Historic Homes for the last 26 years. 165 homes are currently registered in Bellingham, with the majority of them located in the Columbia neighborhood.
The group started in 1978 as a way to not only learn about the history of each home, but to tour the homes together. As the tours grew and got bigger, they realized the tours were no longer going to work. Thus they needed a different kind of event to raise money for the association. Peter who grew up on the East Coast, considered the parties in neighborhood parks he enjoyed as a kid. One day he heard someone playing a viola in the park, and came up with the idea of the Concerts in the Park.

Since it started 25+ years ago, the Concerts in the Park series in Elizabeth Park has grown to be one of the most popular community events, with 10 concerts every summer.
And you can reach Peter Roberts with more questions about Columbia neighborhood or the Historic Homes Society here.

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