Roosevelt is what we call an up and coming neighborhood on the rise. Running primarily along both sides of Alabama street, just east of I-5, Roosevelt is as diverse as they get in Bellingham, with a mix of residential (newer and older), industrial, and several blocks of multi-family (duplex, apartments, etc).  And with the high rate of multi-family and a much higher rate of rentals, Roosevelt has long been considered a less desirable area compared to the neighborhoods that it borders (Alabama Hill, Barkley, and Sunnyland).  But as home prices have risen, the search for affordable housing has led many homebuyers to Roosevelt…and it’s easy to see why.

For one, the location! Roosevelt is nearly at the center of Bellingham. Interurban trail access points are abundant, making it walking distance to Barkley Village, and the Trader Joe’s plaza on James street. You are of course within biking distance or a short drive to pretty much anywhere in Bellingham, and the bus-line runs frequently in all directions off of Alabama street, making this a great location for those that want to live and work by bike and public commuting. Amenities also include the 9 acre Roosevelt Park, which borders the Boys and Girls Club of Bellingham.

The next factor is the improvements you can see aesthetically. Driving down most streets, you can note many of the homes being updated in recent years. As more homeowners have been moved into Roosevelt, the pride of ownership is coming along with it.

And last, this area remains one of the most affordable in Bellingham (dollar per square foot). And the multi-family options in Roosevelt also offer attractive cash flow for investors, as rents have been rising as well.

Summary of Neighborhood Positives:

-Easy access to trail system.

-Walking distance to Barkley Village.

-Central to everything in town.

-Prices are more affordable compared to most other neighborhoods in Bellingham.

Possible Negatives/Trade-offs:

-Most (but not all) areas of Roosevet do not show consistent pride of ownership.

-Part of the neighborhood is near I-5, so some freeway noise in this section of the neighborhood.

-Slightly higher crime rates compared to surrounding neighborhoods.

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