Bellingham Washingtons Roosevelt & Sunnyland are distinct in their character and amenities, but both offer a location that is at the center of Bellingham.
Roosevelt offers zoning that allows for multi-family, so here you will find smaller single-family, duplexes, triplexes, and many apartment buildings. This is a great area for an investment property, and the smaller relatively more affordable homes here give many homebuyers their first home. The Roosevelt neighborhood features interurban trail access and walk or biking distance from Barkley Village.

Sunnyland neighborhood is primarily single-family, with the south end of the neighborhood mixing in Industrial and mixed-use. Here you will find several breweries like Kulshan Brewery and Twin Sisters.

Sunnylands anchor tenant is Trader Joe’s, which is walk-able from anywhere in the neighborhood.

Nicole Tingvall lives and specializes in this neighborhood. She can be reached by clicking here, or at 360-728-6536.

You find Roosevelt and Sunnyland homes for sale by clicking here.

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