The Lettered Streets is a historic neighborhood in Bellingham located adjacent to downtown Bellingham. Most of the homes were developed in the late 1890s through early 1920s, and many landmark properties are located here; including the Roeder School, Whatcom Middle School, Unity Church, and the Great Northern Passenger Depot. Small parks wind through the neighborhood, and Maritime Heritage Park boundaries the Lettered Streets as well. Other neighborhood attractions include the Lettered Streets Coffeehouse.  Overall, with its a short distance to the waterfront, downtown & several parks, this is as walkable as any neighborhood in Bellingham.

The Lettered Streets has gone through periods (1950’s, 1990’s) where home values were not on par with the bordering Columbia and Cornwall Park neighborhoods. But in recent years with so much renovation and updating happening, the Lettered Streets now showcases a tremendous amount of pride of ownership.  The desirability for this location is now perhaps at an all-time high.

This is a neighborhood that is not pretentious in any way. It is primarily small to mid-sized homes, many with big personalities. When we think about the Lettered Streets, very few neighborhoods are more “Bellingham” than here.

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In Summary


-Walkability to downtown, waterfront, parks.

-Character/historic homes.

-Desirable schools.


-Generally smaller lots (city lots). Some homes require street parking if no alley access or driveway.

-The crime rate is slightly higher than average due to proximity to downtown.

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